In the Park next to the Second Gymnasium: Bosnian Special Forces to receive a Monument

project (1)Bosnian special forces will finally get a monument which will resemble forever on their courage and the fight against the enemy during the last war. Association of Veterans of the Police Detachment Bosna chose the conceptual design according to which the monument to the heroes will be made in the park next to the Second Gymnasium.

“According to the conceptual design by Seric, team of B&H special forces is on a destroyed enemy tank, tank that belongs to Serbian army and they are celebrating the victory. The destruction of the tank by B&H special forces symbolically shows the inability to conquer Sarajevo, and therefore B&H, as well as the victory over the enemy,” said Muhamed Gafic from the Association of Veterans of the Police Detachment Bosna.

According to him, the Association already has a donor for a tank, and a draft text for stone plate that will be part of the monument, and they still need to obtain the urban permission, construction permission, and to finish the design of the base part of the monument.

“We also need to find the money, but I think it will not be a problem. There is about 1250 of us, and if every one of us give 100 BAM, it will be already more than 100,000 BAM, and we will see who else will participate in the funding. I hope we will solve all of this, and quickly set up a monument that will symbolize the heroic struggle of our special forces,” concluded Muhamed Gafic.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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