Increase of Prices of Cigarettes as of New Year in Bosnia

The Management Board of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH adopted a decision on determining temporary coefficients for the distribution of funds from the single account for the period October โ€“ December 2020, according to which the FBiH belongs to 62.83 percent, the Republika Srpska to 33.62 percent and the Brcko District to 3.55 percent. 

The session adopted a decision on determining a special and minimum excise duty on cigarettes and smoking tobacco for 2021, which will be applied from the New Year. 

According to the adopted decision, the minimum excise duty on cigarettes will amount to 3.25 BAM per box of cigarettes, while the special excise duty for a pack of 20 cigarettes will amount to 1.65 BAM, which is the same amount as this year. 

The excise duty on smoking tobacco will be 80 percent of the minimum excise tax and will amount to 130 BAM per kilogram. This Decision shall apply from 1.1.2021. 

Taxpayers are obliged to submit the calculation of the retail price to the Administration by 15.12.2020. 

Also, the Decision on determining the customs tariff for 2021 was accepted at the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH and will be sent to the Council of Ministers of BiH for further procedure.

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