Increased Traffic at Border Crossings in B&H

granica2This morning, on the majority of the roads in B&H, the traffic runs smoothly and without any special restrictions.

Drivers are advised to drive with extreme caution, regardless of the weather and traffic conditions, to keep the distance between the vehicles and avoid overtaking. Drivers of commercial vehicles are advised to, when they notice a long line of passenger vehicles behind, to exclude from the traffic briefly and thus enable the normal flow of passenger traffic.

The traffic on the highway A-1 operates smoothly, without any extraordinary restrictions.

Several sections where repair works are carried out and where the traffic regime is changed are following: Doboj-Gračanica, Bugojno, Novi Travnik, Čelinac-Kotor Varoš, Ključ-Rogolji, Čapljina-Stolac, works in Mostar (through the city), works in Sarajevo (on the construction of Briješće viaduct and works on transit), as well as works on the construction of traffic circle on the driveway Posušje.

Waiting period at the border crossing Doljani on the exit from B&H is 1.5 hours, while the waiting period on the BC Gabela Polje, BC Crveni Grm and BC Ivanica last from 30 to 45 minutes.

Traffic is increased at Border Crossings Neum I and Neum II and the waiting period is from 30 to 45 minutes as well.

Waiting period on the other border crossings are up to 30 minutes.


(Source: klix.ba)

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