It is Time to think about Life after COVID-19 as the Time doesn’t wait for Anyone


In this article it is not going to be predicted about the future as that can be done by great predictors and analysts. One thing has become clear, that, if someone doesn’t change himself nature will change him and will force him to re-think. Before the basic questions to be asked, let us put the main challenging question, here. “Who is behind the Covid-19”? Is someone to be blamed or to be appreciated? It might be early to assume the answers. All the answers will come after the Covid-19. Hope this crisis will not stay long, Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi writes in his article for Sarajevo Times.

Life and living style has changed after the first and Second World War. The entire world had changed with different thinking styles, ways of working, businesses, leadership styles and traits and managerial style too. One of the other changes came in the world before the First and Second World War that was in 1929 where the New York Stock Market crashed and many investors committed suicide.  People can’t also forget Eleven September where the global economy affected and the war against terrorism began.

Have we ever noticed that how life will be looking like after COVID-19? What kinds of changes will take place after it? Will be there a better life or it is going to be a worse one? Where does the focus move most? Is it going to be on materialism or on something else, like spirit and humanity? Who will be the gainers and losers in combating the COVID-19?  Isn’t it observed that the entire world has become paralyzed? Flights have suspended and canceled, markets have been locked down, schools have been closed and as well as night clubs. Restaurants are allowed for takeaway only.

Doesn’t this give a lesson to all world leaders, politicians, and weapon traders to think hundred times that what can happen to countries where their nations are suffering every day because of the wrong political and economic decisions, will not happen to them one day? Will these nations be having a better life after COVID-19? Will we be having more servant leaders than hypocrites and dictators?

It will sound clear and natural that, business-minded people are well planning for their upcoming business plan and strategy after this crisis. Will the way of business be the same? What will be the demand and supply? How the supply chain will look like? What new theories will economists bring after COVID – 19? Will still the capitalists rule the poor communities and letting them work for them and increase their wealth? Will still the poor communities’ “working class” be the first to sacrifice their jobs when firms and companies are nearly to collapse?

Are we having someone who is designing the world for life after COVID-19? Scientists played tremendous roles in serving the planet and opening dark minds. Will their same contributions be visible? What novel scientific thoughts and works can be thereafter COVID-19?

Who can’t think of making movies and dramas about “COVID-19”? Film producers have already prepared their stories, have selected their actors, cameraman and have chosen dialogues for the films. It has already been decided where the film shooting will be. After COVID-19 good movies will be made and shown to thousands of cinemas globally. You just need to wait.

Intellects, writers, journalists and novelists are optimistic as there will be great opportunities for them to write. But, what are they going to write about and for whom? Are they going to write about medical doctors who are scarifying their lives and treating the Coronavirus patients? Are they going to write about those who have died by the Coronavirus? Are they going to write about employees who have lost their jobs? How interesting and touching their piece of writings will be?

It was rightly said that paradise can be found in hell. If not now then when the greatest leaders be born and exist?  If not now then when the new thoughts, new minds, new solutions, new hopes and a new dawn will be seen?

After all, how the normal life of individuals looks like after the Covid-19? How the individuals will be appreciated and respected regardless of their social and economic status? What kind of jobs will be available for them? How it can be sure that they will not face unnecessary and valueless obstacles and policies to find a piece of bread to survive?

“I am not able to come back to Oman as dated. The flight has been canceled”, said Yusuf by sending a message through What’s App from Bangladesh. He works in a restaurant as a waiter in Oman. Will the thinking style of such workers and from such countries be the same after COVID-19? What will he do if he doesn’t get a chance to come back?

It is time to think about life after COVID-19 as the time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is better to design the life and way of living from now before its late, once again.

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