Jovicic: The Situation in Mostar requires a Single Patriotic List

Milan Jovicic was elected chairman of the City Council in 1996 in the first post-war elections in Mostar. At that time, the local elections were won by the multiethnic List for a Unified Mostar, led by Safet Orucevic, which also included Professor Jovicic. The list for a united Mostar won with 28,500 votes, while the HDZ party was second with just over 27,000 votes, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Although the List for a United Mostar was a clear favorite, with candidates from all three constituent peoples on it, the election results were awaited with great uncertainty, fearing that a separate SDP list could ruin the accounts of Orucevic and his followers and bring victory for the HDZ.

However, that did not happen, because then the SDP won only 1,500 votes in Mostar, so it neither helped the HDZ nor hindered the List for a United Mostar.

Milan Jovicic told BHRT on Saturday night that the situation in Mostar today is as uncertain as it was in 1996.

Therefore, today, as he said, it is also necessary to form a single patriotic list, because he believes that the HDZ has a distinct advantage if its rivals go to the polls in four columns.

“The situation in Mostar requires, and it is my wish, a similar unique list of pro-Bosnian or pro-Bosnian or patriotic forces, who love this city and love this country as their only homeland. Their togetherness must come to the fore. ”

It remains to be seen whether Professor Jovicic’s appeal will reach the ears of the leaders of the fragmented pro-Bosnian forces, who could lose the elections in Mostar due to the impossibility of a mutual agreement, ie give victory to the HDZ, Vijesti.ba concludes.

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