‘Kingdom of White Lilies’ – a fairy tale about the life of the last Bosnian queen

kraljevstvo_bijelih_ljiljanaChildren Department of the Sarajevo Library was full of children who came to see writer Aida Zaćiragić who wrote the book ‘Kingdom of White Lilies’ which was presented on the occasion of The World Book Day, reports

Zaćiragić said that the fairy tale is dedicated to the last Bosnian queen Katarina Kosača, her husband, children. Many people know her sad life story, but the author wrote it in manner that the queen’s children returned to BiH in the end. She added that the book was inspired by BiH legends and added that women in Sutjeska wear black head covers because of the sad story of the last queen of Bosnia.

The author lives in Sweden;5 years ago she started working with children,she was inspired by medieval Bosnia and she wrote a book based on that.

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