Konjic: Conference on development of Tourist Packages

konjic2Project Market Makers organized an event called “Development of tourist packages,” on the 20th of October 2015, starting at 10.00 a.m. in the Hotel City Garden in Konjic.

This event is aiming to gather on one place as many actors as possible, who are involved in the creation and sale of tourist packages, or business subjects within the tourism industry (hotels, hostels, motels, B & B, apartments, restaurants, providers of adventure tourism etc.) as well as travel agencies, associations within the sector of tourism, educational institutions and tourist communities. The aim is also to present the results that are achieved from implemented joint activities of MarketMakers and their partners. Besides current users of the project, the event is also intended for everyone who wants to know more about the possibilities of developing tourism packages, according to the REDAH.

Partners of the project Market Makers: Greenways and Herzegovina Lodje will present the process of organization of packages and best practices, while Zepter Passport Ltd. and Lasta Travel Ltd. will present a model of cooperation of the organizers of tourist packages and travel agencies.

(Source: photo abrasmedia)

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