BUSINESS Is Taking Over the Sarajevo Market-‘’Zelenara na Vašim vratima“

Amel Muka?a 2-2Three years ago, Amel Mukača, the co-founder and director of the Sarajevo company, showed by his own example that young and creative people, with a good business idea, much effort and work are able to achieve significant results and success on the B&H market. Their innovative concept, ‘’Zelenara na Vašim vratima“ has already won a large number of customers and their goal is to continue to improve this service and win the entire Sarajevo region.

It all started with the idea of selling and distribution of potatoes, which Amel’s family has traditionally produced on their farm in Fojnica. After the initial success of Amel and his friends, the co-founders of ‘krompir’ (potatoes) realized that the services could expand to include additional products-fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, the ‘Zelenara’ was born. They checked, selected and connected with many agricultural producers in B&H who delivered only high quality, local, unsprayed fruits and vegetables. From B&H, cultivation methods and delivery of vegetables and fruits is completely transparent. This fresh-picked, carefully selected and clean vegetables and fruits are delivered to Sarajevo citizens to their doors three times a week.

„Zelenara na Vašim vratima“ is a package that is carefully selected fruits and vegetables that can be ordered over the phone or on our website or Facebook page. We deliver to your door. When we developed this innovative concept our guide was to primarily take advantage of high-quality agricultural products and to deliver them to people who are not able to regularly purchase these products, due to various obligations and young children, and who want to have proven healthy food in their kitchen’’.

Zelenara-2‘’We started with one bigger package of ‘Zelenare’, a weekly amount for a family of four, and now we have entered the phase of developing new packages-small and big, and have added new products that could be ordered separately, such as homemade jams, honey, juices, pilaf at popular prices and made according to old recipes’’, explained Amel Mukača. continues to work on expanding and improving its services and products, such as promotion, with the wish to offer healthy and safe food to restaurants, hotels, day care centers and schools, which arrives directly at your door.

‘’With healthy foods and investing in their production the environment is preserved, a greater nutritional value of food is achieved, people’s health is maintained, there is better taste and the body has more energy. I especially want to emphasize that the increase of the customers of our ‘Zelenare’ in our company opens the space for new jobs. That fact is that we started with three employees, and today our team has six people, and when you include the number of producers that are engaged in this field of work, it is much higher’’, added Amel.

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