Lagumdžija: BiH and Finland must improve the economic cooperation

Deputy Chairman of Council of Ministers and BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija met with the ambassador of Finland for BiH seated in Ljubljana Pekka Metso.

Lagumdžija and Metso said that the relations between BiH and Finland are good and friendly, and that the Finnish support for the European integrations of BiH is very significant.

They concluded that the regular political consultations of Finnish and BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the expansion of agreed regulative between the two countries would significantly contribute to the improvement of cooperation.

During the meeting, Lagumdžija expressed hope that the economic relations of two countries will improve, both in terms of the importance of direct foreign investment, and in terms of foreign trade, although for that, he commented, there is significant potential.

In that context Lagumdžija expressed specific interest of BiH to increase the volume of commercial trade and investments and cooperation with Finland in the field of tourism, education, scientific research and new technologies, as well as cooperation in the field of environmental protection and the use of renewable energy sources.

Chief of BiH diplomacy noted that the possibility of cooperation between FIPA Office and Agency ”Invest in Finland” could improve the economic cooperation, and added the important role that BiH Diaspora in Finland has on development of the good relations between two countries.

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