Let’s Support the Opening of the Museum of War Childhood by purchasing Lifetime Tickets

museumAfter the question of space for the Museum of War Childhood was finally solved at the beginning of the month, works on its renovation and purchase of equipment have started. The opening of the Museum was planned for early December this year.

As the announcement of the opening, Museum of War Childhood launched a campaign on one of the world’s largest platform Indiegogo. You can get a lifetime ticket at a price of 28 BAM (16 USD) at this LINK.

Although relatively uncommon in our country, the idea of crowd-funding (massive fund raising) with the aim of realization of a certain project is highly popular abroad.

Books, museums, music CDs and other products are increasingly realized in this way. The idea is that a large number of people support a particular project by small amount of money, and receives a tangible product in return – in this case a lifetime ticket to the Museum of war childhood.

Take a look at the video.


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