One of the oldest Citizens of BiH passes away

1000_1474485745sefer_preselio_2Sefer Smajić, one of the oldest citizens of BiH and probably the oldest hunter in the country, passed away yesterday at the age of 102 in his home place Dugi Dio, in the Municipality of Zvornik.

Smajić was born in 1915 in Zvornik. During his life, he was dealing with agriculture and trade and he never worked in any company. He was a soldier in the Second World War and during the aggression on BiH he was staying abroad.

This elderly man was the oldest active hunter in the entity Republika Srpska. Hunting has been his hobby for 78 years. Sefer received the Golden Decoration, the greatest recognition of the Hunting Association of RS. His parents had six sons and four daughters.

In August last year, Sefer celebrated his 100th birthday. The celebration was attended by two of his brothers, Mahmut who was 92 at the time and Salko, who was 86 years old. Also present was his oldest daughter Zilka who was 71 at the time and other children of his.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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