Lie telling Competition held in BIH, best Lies awarded

Dragan Jokic from Omarska near Prijedor won the first place at the 27th hunter’s “Lie telling Competition”, which is a manifestation at which participants compete in inventing unbelievable hunting stories, and he won the title of “the biggest liar” with the tale about a snake and a hunter with wooden leg.

This unique hunting manifestation, which is traditionally organized by Hunting Association “Srndac” from Omarska, attracted a large number of hunters from the RS and Serbia again this year.

The central event of the manifestation, as every year, was a competition in telling the best hunting tale, and Jokic made everyone present laugh.

Jokic’s tale was the best among the total of six tales, and he stated that, besides small details, it is totally true. He told a tale about a joint-hunting with one of his colleague who had a wooden leg. According to him, a snake bit his friend’s wooden leg. It started swelling, and when they got home, they managed to cut ten meters of logs out of it.

Jokic, who won for the very first time, said that it would concern him if he won the title of “the best liar” somewhere else, but not at this competition.

“This is a nice tradition for hunters to get together, socialize a bit, sing and rest from their daily duties,” stated Jokic, who also received a prize of 500 BAM.

The President of the Organizing Committee of “Lie telling Competition” Zeljko Romanic said that the main aim of that manifestation is socializing.

“This is a good excuse to get together, socialize and laugh together for almost three decades, and we want to send a message to other people to find some reason to get together. This is all a very positive thing, without any negative energy,” said Romanic.

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