The Love Story from Herzegovina that will leave No One indifferent

A couple from Herzegovina showed that there are no obstacles to a real happiness. Ante and Valentina got married a few days ago, they do not take the smile away from their faces and their story leaves no one indifferent.

A short video of their first wedding dance was published on the social network “Facebook”.

According to the portal prozor- rama, Ante Bosnjak from Prozor-Rama survived a difficult traffic accident and went through eight surgeries and three clinical deaths. His life started when he met his soul mate Valentina Rezo from Mostar.

“With her, obstacles do not exist. I am thankful to God that she is with me. I cannot name the happiest day with her in these five or four years because every day with her is just pure happiness,” said Ante, with a happy smile on his face.

“Certain situations represent just a challenge for us, but never a failure or an obstacle. And it has been like that from the beginning of our relationship. God connected us together because we are so similar and we perfectly understand each other and there is no obstacle or problem when it comes to the realization of our wishes,” said Valentina.

Take a look at their beautiful wedding video.


(Source: fokus.ba)

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