M. Mulić: A Stable European BiH is our National Interest

A stable, prosperous and equal BiH is in our national interest, announced the candidate in the upcoming elections for the Croatian representative in the European Parliament Melita Mulić, who was born in Sarajevo, Melita Mulić.

This candidate from the coalition list of SDP Croatia, HNS and SHU for the first elections for European Parliament in Croatia on 14 April said that the list reflects value, gender and regional principle very well.

“All our candidates, myself included, will represent and advocate for the value of our parties and the areas from which they come if we gain the trust of the citizens’’, said Mulić.

“If I am chosen, I will represent the interests of the citizens of Zagreb, as well as all Croatian citizens. I will champion for the principles of solidarity, multiculturality, equality and the full respect for human rights, which is the foundation for a progressive Europe and will have a unique social model’’, she said.

She said that she was born and raised in Sarajevo, multicultural and open city. She now lives in Zagreb, which is accessible, open and wide in every since and that it accepts a number of students from all over Croatia and all those who choose the city for employment opportunities.

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