Magacin Kabare – Little Red Riding Hood and Daughter Tomorrow and Saturday

crvenkapicaLittle Red Riding Hood and Daughter at the Magacin Kabare Sarajevo on Thursday – Fairy tale for adults ”Pjesma nad fetvama” and black comedy ”Kći” this week at Magacin Kabare.

Aida Bukva as Little Red Riding Hood comes again at the scene of cafe-club Gogo. Little Red Riding Hood will tell the story of how she did not pass the religious instructions and how she came to the capital city to pass the exam in front of a commission and what proceeded all her problems. She will amaze the audience of Magacin Kabare as every time.

After the song of fatwas directed by Emir Kapetanović, on Saturday we can expect another great show of Magacin Kabare and black comedy “Kći” directed by artistic director of Magacin Kabare. Mona Muratović as “Kći” will give the answer to the question of who killed the Mister and together with Šeret Marko Puljiz and famous Seko Reuf will ensure a memorable gathering with the indispensable prize game that company Orbico provided prizes for the game. Although, the daughter answers serious questions, difficult issues remain in front of the doors of cafe club Gogo, because Magacin Kabare finds a way to get into these topics and to have fun with lots of music and dance.

(Source: Fena)

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