Mayor Komšić Hosts Members of the Centre for Healthy Aging Novo Sarajevo

zdravo starenjeSarajevo – the Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivo Komšić, hosted today in the City Hall the members of the Centre for healthy aging Novo Sarajevo.

They visited the central atrium, the stairs, the atrium’s gallery, the hall of the City Council and the ceremonial hall. The members of the centre didn’t hide their thrill with the beautiful ambiance of this symbol of the town of Sarajevo – was announced from the Town administration.

The mayor showed to the members the exhibition “Sarajevo City Hall once again” and acquainted them with the history of its reconstruction which lasted 18 years.

Some of them even recognized the space where used to be the old library and where they used to study.

“During my recent visit to the centre I was thrilled with contents and activities for our citizens in retirement. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to show them today the beautiful ambiance of the City Hall. They are very happy, they took photos and I am sure they will remember this day with joy and show their photos to their children and grandchildren.” – said Komšić.

The mayor recently visited the Centre for healthy aging Novo Sarajevo which is the first and only centre of a kind in B&H and has a goal to improve the quality of living of the older person and their social involvement in the society. His visit’s purpose was to get to know better how the centre works, how do its users live, what are their needs so that, based on such an experience, a better engagement of the town of Sarajevo concerning the centre’s development could be implemented. – was announced in the communication.

(Source: Fena / photo: archive – zdravostarenje.ba)

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