Meeting of British Ambassador and President of the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina

ambasador Casey i gospodin JerlagicYesterday, British ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Nigel Casey met Amir Jerlagic, President of the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina (SBIH).  The Ambassador and Mr Jerlagic discussed the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular the Single Reference Number issue.  Ambassador Casey underlined that the protestors were demanding that their own elected representatives in Parliament fulfill their political and legal obligation to resolve this question in line with the Constitutional Court judgement.

They were not seeking international intervention and there was no need for the PIC to do work that members of the BiH Parliament were paid to do.  He therefore expected the PIC to reaffirm tomorrow its earlier call for Parliament to act promptly to adopt a permanent resolution to this issue.

Ambassador Casey and Mr Jerlagic also discussed the forthcoming census.  Ambassador Casey made clear that the EU’s interest lay in supporting a high quality, non discriminatory census, which would provide basic information which would be essential to progress BiH’s application for EU membership, and that the process should not be misused for political purposes

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