Mektic: B&H has a Response to the possible Refugee Crisis

B&H Ready for Refugee Crisis avaz.baAt yesterday’s meeting of the coordination body for migration issues in B&H, which is also the Operational headquarters for migration issues, the activities and preparations in the event of arrival of a large number of refugees in B&H were discussed.

Addressing the media, the Minister of Security of B&H Dragan Mektic expressed satisfaction with preparations made so far in the case of arrival of a large number of refugees in B&H. Yesterday’s meeting was also attended by the representative from Serbia, who presented experiences, omissions and steps which have been conducted in Serbia regarding the refugee crisis.

“B&H is completely ready, from the very arrival of the refugees, their registration, accommodation, and all other steps which have to be implemented. We have a response, and I can say with great certainty that we can manage that situation. This also refers to the security segment of both local population and the refugees”, Mektic said.

Until now, there exists one established route by which the refugees move towards the countries of the Western Europe. That is a route starting from Greece, via Macedonia, then Serbia, and Croatia. B&H is not yet a destination “interesting” to the refugees.

“It is not yet likely that the refugees will head towards B&H in the coming period. What is important is that our country has conducted all preparations at all levels in order to readily welcome the possible crisis”, Mektic stated.

It was noted that conversations will be conducted with the foreign donators during next week in order to provide additional technical equipment which will be used to adequately implement the process of the reception of refugees and their treatment.

(Source: klix.ba)

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