Migrants congratulated the Statehood Day to Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina


A group of migrants staying on the plateau at the Bus Station in Tuzla expressed their respect for citizens of Tuzla and the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on Monday in a really nice way.

With the raised flags of our country and the words ‘’Cheers to Bosnia’’, a group of migrants congratulated our citizens November 25th– BiH Statehood Day, and in that way expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the assistance they have been provided so far by people in BiH.

As known, groups of migrants and refugees come to Tuzla every day, because it is the transit station on their way to countries of the European Union (EU).

They can only rely on the help of the citizens, volunteers, and several non-governmental organizations of this city, who provide them with food, hot drinks, clothes, shoes, and blankets.

The extremely poor conditions on the plateau near the Autobus Station, where they are not even able to maintain personal hygiene present the main problem, and the situation is worsened by the extremely low temperatures, especially at the night. A reception center in Tuzla has not yet been established, although it has been announced for several days now, Klix.ba portal reports.

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