Military Industry in the FBiH is expanding?

DzindicCompanies that are operating in the field of the military industry of the FBiH last year reported a total of 229.7 million BAM of income, according to data on the operations of 13 companies.

In comparison to the previous two years, the new data showed that military industry is expanding and that it recorded an increase of production of equipment and exports.

With private companies that are operating within the military industry of the FBiH was recorded the total turnover at the end of last year that amounted to about 250 million BAM, while for this year were agreed and signed jobs with the value of 315 million BAM, which was confirmed by the Minister Nermin Dzindic.

“These are really excellent results, which show that the military industry of FBiH is experiencing expansion, and we expect to exceed all plans this year,” said Dzindic.

The best results in business operation last year achieved “Igman” from Konjic, with 113.1 million BAM of income, even though they planned a total of 96.5 million BAM. “Igman” arranged contracts worth 116.3 million BAM for this year. On the second place when it comes to the amount of revenue in the past year is Gorazde “Unis Ginex” with 39.2 million BAM, while this year they agreed on deals worth 44 million BAM.

„Pobjeda Tehnology” from Gorazde achieved the income of 16.1 million BAM last year, and this year they agreed on deals with the value of 20.1 million BAM.


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