Mostar: Nuns and a Girl with Hijab thrilled Social Networks

hijab and nunsPhoto of two nuns and one Muslim girl in a hijab at the Old Bridge in Mostar thrilled the users of social networks.

In a time when religious fanatics are doing horrifying things, these photos are a positive example of coexistence and tolerance, which are more than possible. All of that is best reflected in life in BiH, which is based on multi-religious and multicultural values.

“Today in Mostar I met two nuns with a smile on their faces, who greeted me and we talked a bit. They were not afraid of me or my hijab, nor my faith and they agreed to make a photo with me. It is clear that we are not those who bring unrest among the people, those who create enemies, we are not reasons of racism, nationalism etc,” said Berina Crnisanin, the girl with hijab.

She added that it is very important to spread love, to be a good, kind and smiling person, noting that this is particularly important at a time when the “discrimination against women wearing hijab is at a high level.”

“Let’s be happy because of diversity that is surrounding us, let’s be happy that we are the ones who can change this world for the better,” concluded Berina.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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