Mountain Rescue Service in BiH richer for 22 Rescuers-Seekers

12746231_1106308629420092_1522501743_nMountain Rescue Service (GSS) in BiH is richer for 22 rescures-seekers, who have passed the training in searching for lost and missing persons that took place at the locality of Bogodol last weekend.

Five GSS BiH instructors trained the attendants of the training from GSS Jablanica, GSS Široki Brijeg, and Croat GSS Mostar in skills of searching on the field.

Topics covered within the training are searching tactics, interaction of information during searches, organization and the course of a search action, orientation and topography, introduction to digital cartography, working with GPS devices, using radio links in the GSS BiH, standard procedures, and the discipline in searching.

All attendants successfully performed the final exercies where they demonstrated the acquired skills of searching. In the final analysis, they spotted omissions and deficiencies made during the exercise execution and, for the common pleasure, completed the training, the GSS BiH stated.

It was stated that there is a great interest for involvement in the work of rescue services, thus a new training for the new generation of rescuers-seekers will be held already next month.

(Source: klix.ba)

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