NATO Headquarters in B&H optimistic regarding the activation of the MAP

NATO Optimists amazonaws.comHeadquarters of NATO in Sarajevo congratulated the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the Ministry of Defense and the Office of Attorney General for the progress achieved by registering 24 locations of immovable defense properties on the state of B&H, stated the Commandant of NATO in B&H Brigadier General Giselle M. Wilz, commenting on the activation of the Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO announced for this year.

NATO will, WIlz highlighted, continue providing technical support and giving advices in order to maintain this dynamics. As she said, the allies are carefully monitoring this progress, but whether or not they will activate the MAP for B&H before the fulfillment of conditions from Tallinn is a matter of political decision.

“We, in the NATO headquarters in Sarajevo, remain optimistic. There is a political consensus in B&H that the process of MAP NATO is a positive step for B&H, and because of that consensus B&H will make additional steps necessary to completely meet the condition from Tallinn,” Wilz believes.

Commenting on intense modernization and arming of the neighboring countries Serbia and Croatia, Wilz said that each country reaches sovereign decisions on modernization and arming of its own armed forces and that Croatia and Serbia are no exceptions in that sense.

When asked whether B&H should follow the example of its neighbors, WIlz answered that NATO headquarters Sarajevo has been supporting the reform of defense and security sector in B&H since the very beginning.

Wilz also added that the creation of truly capable and sustainable forces requires changes and improvements which, in turn, require important decisions on the structure of forces and the budget, and that will require compromise from all political representatives in B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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