Nearly 40 Percent of Employees in B&H Work in Large Companies

businesspeopleThe biggest number of employees in B&H works in large companies, and the least amount in micro companies, according to statistics from the B&H Agency for Statistics. In B&H 38,3 percent of employees work in large companies that employes more than 250 people.

The least number of employees work in micro companies (up to 10 employees), or 11,6 percent. In small companies (from 10 to 50 employees), there are 20,8 percent employed in medium businesses (50 to 250 employees) or 29,3 percent.

If the size of the company is regarded by revenue, the highest amount of revenue was achieved in large companies by 31,4 percent (revenue over 100.000 KM). Micro companies (revenue up to 4.000 KM) in total revenues account for 21,3 percent), small companies (revenue from 4.000 to 20.000 KM) with 23 percent and medium businesses (20.000 to 10.000 KM) with 24,3 percent.

Viewed by economic activity, the largest revenue in 2011 was realized by the sale of wholesale and retail by 38,8 percent, followed by manufacturing industry with 20,4 percent and public administration and defense with 10,7 percent.


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