Negotiations with the Chinese Company on the Construction of a Highway to Serbia?

Minister of Transport and Communications of the RS Nedjo Trninic said that they are conducting serious negotiations with a Chinese company regarding the construction of the highway Vukosavlje-Brcko-Bijeljina to Serbia.

“We are working on a total of 90 kilometers of a highway that will be going through the Corridor 5C,” said Trninic.

He added that the construction of a fast road East Sarajevo-Pale-Sokolac-Rogatica-Visegrad and the border with Serbia are also planned.

“It is our estimate that the cost of this project will be a billion BAM and we will seek for our strategic partners,” he also added.

Trninic noted that Croatia already promised a building permit for the construction of a bridge on the Sava River in Gradiska, and that the RS is expecting it in the following month.

“After that will be announced tender for the construction of the bridge, and I expect the beginning of the construction to start this fall,” concluded Trninic.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)





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