New Apostolic Nuncio to B&H visited Bakir Izetbegović

The member of the Presidency of B&H, Bakir Izetbegović welcomed the visit of the new Apostolic Nuncio, the Titular Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto. With mutual determination they expressed their wishes for a continued collaboration. The new Apostolic Nuncio Pezzuto expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the relations between B&H and the Holy See.

Reminding the support of the Vatican to B&H in some of the crucial moments of our newer history, the member of the Presidency of B&H Bakir Izetbegović cordially welcomed the Archbishop Pezzuto to B&H and wished him a lot of success in his work, stated from the Office for Public Affairs of the Presidency of B&H. The new Apostolic Nuncio expressed his joy about performing his mission in B&H.


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