New Convocation of Council of Ministers not possible until Next Elections?

President of Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) Mirko Sarovic commented on new convocation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers for the next three years, saying that it is possible that he will stay in the current convocation for the next three years.

“All possible options are in play. Every option you think of is then possible and we elaborate on every detail, including the one of being part of the executive branch, but we do not have to,” said Sarovic, who is the current Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He believes that it is very difficult to reach the new BiH Council of Ministers by the 2020 local elections.

“It’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult,” Sarovic said.

He added during the press conference in Banja Luka, they had a clear position and will continue to have it after September 5th.

He says that BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik has made various statements in a few days regarding the formation of government at the BiH level, and that the SDS will wait for September 5th to pass, and if those who wanted to form a government at the BiH level failed to do so, he will also give his answers, which he has not mentioned more precisely.

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