Tuzla Airport recorded Decrease in Passenger Arrivals


Tuzla Airport handled 56.412 passengers in September, representing an increase of 0.6%, or an additional 350 travellers. During the first three quarters, the airport welcomed 461.944 passengers through its doors, down 0.5. The airport has shed 2.310 passengers so far this year compared to last, Ex-Yu Aviation News reports.

The International Airport in Tuzla has published a tender for contractors who will participate in the construction of the atrium worth 1.375.690,70 BAM.

Along with the construction of an atrium, a sewage network with a wastewater treatment plant will be established as well.

Atrium, on an area of almost 900 square meters, with souvenir shops, rent-a-car and tourist agencies, and the atrial design solution has already been completed, as well as the execution and main project, and if the administrative procedures are completed within the foreseen time, the construction could begin in a new construction season.

The constant increase in the number of passengers has initiated the reconstruction and extension of the passenger terminal at the Tuzla Airport and the value of the investment amounted to 6.5 million BAM.

Works are still ongoing, and upon completion, there will be a possibility for 700,000 passengers to use the airport throughout one year, and 400 persons could be served in one hour.

400,000 BAM was allocated for building a customs warehouse for aviation fuel, and the building is already finished.

In the past four years, more than 15 million BAM has been invested in the Tuzla airport, and investment interests have so far been shown by investors from Austria, China and Turkey,

In August last year, due to a large success recorded by the International Airport of Tuzla, representatives of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSEC) are interested in an important multi-million BAM worth investment at this airport.

The Chinese investment should be focused on the construction of a modern cargo center, several farms, and halal slaughterhouse in the vicinity of the airport.

“We are interested in the market of BiH when it comes to construction and investment. We are very interested in projects in Tuzla Canton, and the project of the airport is very specific. This is about further development of the airport, the cargo center, as well as a larger number of airlines. Our goal is to connect this city with other destinations in the world, as well as other airlines in the Middle East, Asia…” said representative of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation,  Zuo Bin.

In the Chinese plan was also noted the possibility for establishment of flights Tuzla – China.

The International Airport Tuzla served 535,000 passengers last year, and this number is expected to increase to 670,000 people this year.

This international airport was used by a total of 372,000 people from the beginning of the year until today, and there were 54,000 people only in July.

“We are hoping to exceed the annual plan by 15 to 20 %, and we are in the process of negotiations with our strategic airline Wizz Air. We are discussing the increase in the number of operations and the introduction of another airplane,” said Karasalihovic.


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