New Information on the Crashed sports Plane

plane accidnet crashA sports airplane that crashed near Mostar during a panoramic sightseeing tour had a permit to fly and was serviced in early April, states in the information given by the Directorate for Civil Aviation of BiH (BHDCA).

The BHDCA said for TV1 that this directorate issued the last Airworthiness Review Certificate on May 3, 2017, with a validity date until May 3, 2018.

“The last service of this plane was done on April 5th this year, and there is an official documentation in the BHDCA confirming it, as well as the certificate that approves the service was performed”, is stated in the response.

The fallen sports plane Fuji FA 200-160 had a TCDS A4PC type certificate, which stated that it had four seats.

(Source: klix)

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