New Type of Transportation to be introduced in Tuzla?

Suspension railway in Tuzla will cost about 150 million BAM. It is the largest business venture in the catalogue of projects from the public-inspirational partnership, which was presented in the Bosnian Cultural Center Tuzla. Suspension railway is now waiting for investors, as well as 43 other projects, and the value of all of them is estimated at 339.170.000 BAM.

The catalogue of project was developed by the Ministry of Economy of Canton Tuzla with the support of USAID. Business ideas, such as suspension railway, as well as other concrete projects with a feasibility study, conceptual solution or analysis of public service, were offered to investors.

“The project of suspension railway would improve the quality of public transportation for both visitors and citizens of Tuzla. Moreover, this project could contribute to reduction of air pollution since this is a great problem, especially in the winter period,” said Esmir Spahic from the Expert Service for Mayor’s Affairs of Tuzla.

He noted that this is a very demanding infrastructure project that requires large investments, and there is only an initial idea for now. There are no main project or implementation documentation yet.

“The City of Tuzla would start with the process of implementation of the main project in co-operation with the relevant institutions, and all other phases, besides the documentation, would be done by the investor. The project would be realized in five years,” noted Spahic.

Other projects offered in Tuzla include the arrangement of the complex Ilincica, the reconstruction of the Stadium Tusanj, the Center for Radiosurgery, the Center for Dialysis, the Urgent Center and garage at the University Clinical Center of Tuzla, the reconstruction of the City Stadium in Srebrenik, heating project of Zivinice etc. All of these projects are waiting for investors now.




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