Newly elected Mayor of Banja Luka announced Reductions in City Administration

Drasko Stanivukovic, the newly elected mayor of Banja Luka, said that the direction in the City Administration was that the salaries of the mayor should be in the amount of two average salaries.

”In terms of savings, there is also a reduction in advisory positions. So far, we have had salaries in certain positions up to 3.5 more than the average salary plus a certain percentage. Our plan is two average salaries. We are really moving in that direction. We intend to make politics such an honest job that only those who love the people will remain, and when only those who love the people remain, then the people will want to reward you,” Stanivukovic points out.

He adds that it is impossible to have 83 consultants.

”We will not reduce the salaries of workers who have been working in the City Administration for many years. Here I am thinking primarily of politically placed positions, from me to the mayor elected by politics. Our ordinary people should be carefree. There were many doubts whether there would be dismissals in the City Administration. All honest workers should be calm and look forward to our arrival in the City Administration to work,” Stanivukovic pointed out, insisting that the policy they advocated will be implemented.

He added that people who remain in the City Administration must give up the policy of corruption and crime.

”I will be the first to report everything, because every signature must reach the mayor, and that is the only reason why I will put the best lawyers to review every document so that someone does not cheat us,” he pointed out, Buka writes.

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