Number of Migrants in Bosnia varies Everyday

About 800 migrants are staying in the Lipa migrant camp. However, that number varies every day as they leave that camp. Some manage to cross the border with the Republic of Croatia, while those who fail return.

“I tried to cross the border twice, but both times I was caught and deported back, I am alone in this camp, I want to take my family with me to Europe to have a peaceful life, that’s why I came here,” said Ajmala migrant from Afghanistan.

Red Cross volunteers supply migrants with food on a daily basis. With the help of donors, during the month of Ramadan, the offer was enriched with the help of donors given that more than 700 migrants are fasting.

Secretary of the Red Cross of the City of Bihac Selam Midzic announced several activities.

“We plan to build outdoor showers and a volleyball court so that the situation at Camp Lipa will get better and better,” he said.

Deputy Director of the Service for Foreigners Affairs Mirsad Buzar also spoke about some projects.

“We have set up a section with a donation from the UNHCR, we have set up large TV screens so that migrants can be informed,” he said.

As expected, with the arrival of better weather, the number of migrants in this area will increase. Due to the proximity of the border with Croatia and EU migrants, this part of BiH is interesting, BHRT writes.

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