Official: Mandatory Negative PCR Test for Adults and Children entering Bosnia and Herzegovina


The epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is closely monitored and decisions are made accordingly. Thus, the Council of Ministers of BiH decided that from July 16, foreign citizens from countries of the European Union and members of the Schengen will be allowed to enter our country, with a mandatory negative PCR test that children must-have regardless of age.

As explained for the portal by the Bosnian Border Police, foreign citizens of these countries or those who have the appropriate residence permit in the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area can enter our country.

They added that a negative PCR test must not be older than 48 hours and that in that case all foreign travelers must have the said evidence including children.

“Citizens of the Republic of Croatia are exempted from this decision, who have been allowed to enter BiH since May 28, 2020, as well as citizens of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro with valid travel documents,” said the BiH Border Police.

Also, as of June 2 this year, certain exceptions were made from earlier decisions, and they relate to the fact that a child can enter our country if he is accompanied by a parent or guardian who has the citizenship of BiH.

“At the same time, entry was granted to a foreigner who is the spouse of a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is necessary for the foreigner to have appropriate evidence from which it is possible to indisputably establish a marital connection with a BiH citizen,” the Border Police explained.

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