Cruel Reality: Bosnian Basketball Legend Samir Leric works on Distribution of Bread


The crisis due to the coronavirus has particularly affected sports clubs and workers, and this can best be seen in the example of the legendary Bosnian basketball player Samir Leric.

The record holder in the number of appearances in the national team jersey obviously could not afford a big break, so he started working on the distribution of bread and other bakery products, news portal reports.

The photo of Leric carrying a basket of bakery products quickly went viral on social media, and many are surprised that the man, who had a 12-year representative career, still does not play basketball. called Leric on Monday morning to check the allegations, and he confirmed that he is currently at his new job.

In recent years, he was engaged in SKK Student from Mostar, who after the interrupted season due to the coronavirus gained the right to play in the first rank of BiH basketball.

However, the lack of finances created difficulties for them, which is why they will not play in the BiH Championship, which obviously affected Leric, who decided to find a new job.

Although Leric is currently doing an honorable job as a delivery man, this is just one example of how the coronavirus has had a negative impact on current and former top athletes.

It remains to be seen whether the former basketball player who played in five European Championships will return to the basketball at perhaps better times.

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