On what do BH Citizens spend most of the Money?

spendingsAccording to the results of research on consumer habits in B&H that was recently presented by the company Visa, citizens in B&H are spending the largest part of their income on existential needs, as reported by Vecernji List.

Results from this research showed that most of the money, more than half of the monthly budget, goes to basic life expenses. The main monthly expense is food for which the average family allocates about 400 BAM. On the second place are the utilities – 190 BAM, followed by consumer goods – about 90 BAM, education – 50 BAM and bills for mobile phones for which family allocates around 40 BAM.

When it comes to managing the personal budget, half of the participants, or more precisely 49 % of them, said that they would never save money only on food, but about 30 % of them would equally reduce costs in several categories, such as purchasing, utilities, education, including the food. When it comes to where consumers usually buy, 80 % of the people buy their food and drinks at supermarkets and hypermarkets, and 57 % of them in smaller stores. Specialized clothing stores and boutiques attract more than 60 % of consumers, 53 % of them decided to purchase in the shopping malls, and only 8 % of the clothes and shoes are bought in the outlet centers, according to the research.

Visa Manager for B&H, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo Biljana Petrusevska-Trajkovska emphasized that cash is the dominant mean of payment in B&H and abroad. Three places where the cash is most frequently used are bars and coffee shops (81 %), restaurants (77 %) and smaller stores (71 %). Research has shown that in supermarkets and hypermarkets debit cards are used as often as cash.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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