One Member of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Armed Forces charged of Abuse of Office


On November 20th, 2019 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the indictment in the Ramiz Micivoda case, charging the accused Micivoda with the criminal offense of Abuse of Office or Official Authority under Article 220(1) of the Criminal Code of BiH (CC BiH).

The Indictment alleges that during September 2018, outside of the official premises of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, using his capacity of an official person in the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a liaison officer for civilian-military cooperation in the Tactical Support Brigade, at the Rajlovac barracks, the accused Ramiz Mićivoda, with the rank of a colonel, overstepped the boundaries of his official authority and took money as compensation for the lease and use of land owned by the Armed Forces of BiH, without being authorized to rent the land and charge for its use, and obtained for himself ill-gotten gain in the amount of some 600.00 BAM.

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