Part of “Južni Tok” Pipeline Will Go Through Brčko

The RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Željko Kovačević met yesterday in Brčko representatives of the executive and legislative authorities. He spoke to them about the activities of the construction of the pipeline through the RS.

On this occasion, Kovačević said that the beginning of the construction is planned for the end of 2013 and that one part of the future pipeline would go through Brčko District.

The Mayor of Brčko District Anto Domić said that the government of Brčko would forward to the RS all the necessary approvals so that this process could take place smoothly and on the territory of Brčko District.

The President of the Brčko Assembly Đorđa Kojić said that all citizens would benefit from this project, and the Brčko economy.

In the area of Brčko District the construction of plants for gas is planned, and this would reduce costs for heating for citizens.

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