Support of Turkish Armed Forces to BiH

The BiH Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić and his Deputy Marina Pendeš received yesterday in Sarajevo the high delegation of military officials of Turkey. They made an official visit to the BiH Ministry of Defense, accompanied by the Ambassador and Military Attache of Turkey to BiH.

Army General Hayri Kivirkoglu led the delegation of military officials, and he was accompanied by General-Major Izzet Četingoz, Brigadier Ali Yalčin and non-commissioned Officer Volkan Ozen.

Minister Osmić welcomed the military delegation and wished them a comfortable stay in our country and thanked them for the help of the Turkish Army for their support to the BiH Armed Forces.

He informed his guests of the current activities in the Ministry of Defense and the BiH Armed Forces, with a particular emphasis on the recent changes at the top tier of the Armed Forces.

The Minister reiterated the commitment of BiH, and especially the Ministry of Defense and BiH Armed Forces to activate the Action Plan for NATO (MAP) as soon as possible, so that BiH could progress faster and more efficiently on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Army General Hayri Kivirikoglu highlighted the fact that the Turkish Armed Forces would continue to lend support to the BiH Armed Forces in the areas and segments where they most need it.

General Hayri led the military delegation of the Turkish Armed Forces in their visit to BiH, and they will visit the EUFOR Command in BiH and members of the Turkish contingent of EUFOR.

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