Premiere of Documentary about Beauty of BiH to take place next Year

The most representative beauties of BiH will be gathered in a documentary film by young photographer Sead Sulejmanovic, which will be premiered next year, and its trailer should be published in the next few days.

Sulejmanovic is originally from BiH, he was born in Germany and he lives and works there, and he represented natural beauties, as well as buildings of BiH and the people in his photographs. He has 100,000 followers on his social networks.

His photography “Waterfall of Zepa” won the fifth place in the international competition and it was seen 500,000 times, and he also organized several exhibitions in the last years at which he showed what BiH has to the whole world.

“I spent more than a month and a half traveling through BiH, and I visited numerous cities and recorded natural beauties, bridges, buildings, culture and tradition, as well as everything that represents religious diversity,” he noted.

The documentary will show the natural beauty of BiH, buildings and architecture that testify millennial existence of BiH, and it will also explain the tradition and customs of people who are living here.

Sulejmanovic also announced that the promotion of the documentary will be organized first in Sarajevo, and since there are several episodes that will bring the beauty of other cantons, the promotion will be organized in those cantons as well.

Moreover, Sulejmanovic recorded the waterfall of Kravica and the one in Jajce, the beauty of Sanski Most that is located on nine rivers, the Vjetrenica cave near Stolac, bridges in Visegrad and Mostar, Pocitelj, Buna and Neretva, and his wish is to show all of this to the world and to talk positively about BiH.

(Source: akta.ba)





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