Process of Exhumation of the Remains of Victims underway in Bijeljina

At the Pilakuša site, at the local graveyard in the area of Bijeljina, the process of exhumation of the remains of victims from the previous war is being carried out. The activities in the field ordered by the prosecutor working on the case are coordinated by an investigator from the Special Department for War Crimes, the exhumation process is involving a forensic pathologist, representatives of the Institute for Missing Persons (INO) BiH and the location is being secured by police officers Bijeljina.

After the remains have been found, they will be forwarded to Tuzla for forensic processing, where it will be determined how many people the remains come from, and the identification of the victims will continue through DNA analysis.

Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, together with representatives of partner institutions and agencies involved in the process of searching for missing persons, participate in the processes of exhumations and search for missing persons, which are carried out in the field throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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