Procurement of armored Vehicles and forensic Laboratories in Progress

In order to strengthen the capacity of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo (CS), the Government of CS gave consent the day before yesterday for the procurement of new equipment, the total estimated value of which is 5.5 million BAM, Klix.ba writes.

Minister Admir Katica stated that two special-tactical armored vehicles will be procured for the execution of operational-tactical tasks and tasks of members of the Police Support Sector. The estimated value of this procurement is 2.7 million BAM.

The next procurement will be realized for the purpose of expanding the Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS system).

This system represents the most modern devices that offer solutions in the field of forensic ballistics, automatic and digital identification of traces of firearms, and exchange of databases at the regional and international level. The IBIS system is used in over 80 countries, in almost all countries of the European Union (EU), and in several countries in the region, and is the primary system for ballistic identification among police agencies, and members of Interpol. Most user agencies are also members of the IBIN network through which databases are exchanged. I would like to mention that the first phase of the implementation of the mentioned system was successfully realized in the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of CS. The estimated value of this project is 1.8 million BAM,โ€ explained Minister Katica.

The procurement and establishment of a laboratory for forensic DNA analysis is also an extremely important project that the CS Ministry of Internal Affairs will implement this year.

As the Minister explained, due to the size of the territory and the number of inhabitants in the CS, the largest number of committed crimes in relation to other cantons is evident. Also, due to the fact that Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), it is vital that the mentioned laboratory be established in Sarajevo, which is a common practice in other countries.

Due to the lack of such a specialized laboratory, DNA analysis of traces collected during the investigation of serious crimes in the CS must be performed in laboratories of other police bodies, and even in private laboratories in the country and abroad. The establishment of this laboratory will significantly improve the activities on a faster resolution of certain crimes and finding their perpetrators, and the costs of analysis in our own laboratory will be significantly lower than in external laboratories whose services have been used so far,โ€ Minister Katica added.

The estimated value of this project is one million BAM. Project documentation for all three projects has been prepared.



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