Program ‘’Dositej’’ Named the Best

The Director of ‘’Microsoft’’ for Central and Eastern Europe Dejan Cvetković said that RS has one of the best solutions in the area of education-electronic teaching through the program ‘’Dositej’’.

‘’This is something that for the most part does not exist in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe’’, said Cvetković during a visit to Banja Luka and added that this program should promote the RS and the public sector in the RS, which, according to him, obviously provides much support to the development of information technology. This is a rarity in the region.

The program ‘’Dositej’’, which promotes interactive teaching using information and communication technology, received positive assessments at the conference ‘’Education and Use of Information Technology’’ held last week during the World Education Forum in London.

‘’Dositej’’ expects that all primary schools in the RS will be equipped with computers, as well as laptop computers for teachers. Depending on the specific requirements of the schools, servers, networking and communication equipment will be provided.

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