Protests of Opposition in Banja Luka held

In Banja Luka on Krajina Square, representatives of opposition parties, in the presence of a large number of citizens, yesterday held a protest rally against “crime and media darkness” of the current government of the Republika Srpska (RS), at a time when public dissatisfaction was caused by the “Oxygen” affair.

At the very beginning of the protest rally, the president of the PDP, Branislav Borenovic, noted that it should no longer occur to anyone to buy respirators for 15.000 and sell them for 150.000, nor to think of suffocating the people.

“Today we all swear to you here that in the next year we will drive off the regime against the people, send them to the political past, but also to prisons because that is where they belong. Exactly in one year is the day of decision, when we decide whether to leave or stay. Whether to live in the dark or in the light. Either they or we, ” Borenovic told.

SDS Deputy President Milan Radovic told Milorad Dodik that the people came out and that the time of his rule was “over”.

With his speech, Nebojsa Vukanovic caused euphoria and enthusiasm among those present.

“I would not want to be in his place when watching these people while he gathered a thousand people in Bijeljina, and here there were 20 thousand. The Ottoman Turks took blood tax, and one of the five sons was taken to Istanbul. This is worse than that, our children are sent everywhere around the world. Nobody destroyed us like this. Pack up and leave. Mile you should leave,” stated Vukanovic.

Also, he added that Dodik is worse than thieves because thieves do not steal from their house.

The mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic, pointed outthat the current government is worse than the rule of the Ottoman empire, “because they at least did not take oxygen from the people”.

“Not only did they beat us with batons on this square, but they also sang ‘Nobody can stop us’ (Ne moze nam niko nista). Mile, the people are stronger than fate, but also than you. The square is free, Banja Luka is free. If I wanted to I find a comparison and difference between them and us – they are industrial gas of suspicious origin, and we are medical, clean as tears and we will cure this sick society, ” said Stanivukovic, Klix.ba writes.


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