There is still no Solution for the Election Law in BiH

Once again, the election law is the main topic. And no wonder. The visit of international officials has revived, not to say imposed it, as well as the 14 priorities of the European Commission. But, when the guests left, the question is – what did they leave us. There are no solutions or an alternative. Promises are made to some extent. Now it’s all up to us again.

When the guests leave, all the problems are left to the hosts again. There are two key ones, which have been debated for years – the Election Law and the potential path of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the European Union (EU). Both without a solution, because in order to reach it, all parties must agree on positions. For now, it seems impossible for domestic leaders to find a compromise. Even though it was hoped that Matthew Palmer would bring it in his bag, apparently it was empty.

“He has no solutions that are a kind of constant of the United States (U.S.) state policy, but it only goes from one administration to another one, and his, so to speak, the floating position could be one of the problems in resolving BiH’s Gordian knots,” said legal analyst Slavo Kukic.

And they are getting more and more tangled. Although the SNSD does not dispute the Election Law, the coalition partners strive for their own ideas, offering solutions that do not appear to be options but mandatory requirements. That’s how they saw them in the Democratic Front (DF). At least those related to Fule’s model (Stefan Fule). While HDZ BiH does not give up, DF rejects it as an option, as we have already heard.

“Zeljko Komsic’s reaction is absolutely correct since Fule’s model, which introduces the unequal value of the vote, is nothing but a slightly modified form of what Dragan Covic offers and what he puts on the table as an ultimatum,” Kukic pointed out.

On the other hand, even though the Election Law would not damage it, as Milorad Dodik has repeatedly said, the 14 priorities of the European Commission for him are controversial. He claims that BiH cannot fulfill them – that is why it got them. But, we are used to his blocking of state institutions, so why wouldn’t he try to block BiH’s European path? He got sanctions, but he doesn’t care. As he said, he is not afraid of those that are announced.

“They weren’t set up to be fulfilled, smart people find a solution for everything, but if you don’t want to solve those priorities in the beginning, then it’s up to you – and it turned out to be the case here. When it comes to Milorad Dodik, the citizens can no longer stand and tolerate it… That is why now we have largeprotests in Banja Luka, ” Zijad Becirovic, director of IFIMES, recalled.

For years we move in a circle, but not towards the European path. According to an internal document of the member states, the EU can no longer guarantee future membership for the countries of the Western Balkans. Although it is said that there will be enlargements, there is still no clear position on that, Federalna writes.


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