Quality of Water in Sarajevo may be compromised if the Process of Pollution continue


The quality of water in Sarajevo Canton is generally good, but maybe compromised if the process of water pollution continues and the zones of the source are not protected, according to a study on the Health of the Population, Hygienic Opportunities and Health Activity held at a session last week.

Analyzing the results after conducting a research of the local water supply system at the municipality of Sarajevo Canton, it was found that out of a total of 402 analyzed samples, 33 did not comply with the regulations on the Drinking Water Health Regulations.

It was pointed out that about 78 percent of the population in the urban area of Sarajevo Canton uses a sewage system for wastewater collection, and the elimination of wastewater through septic tanks is done in 22 percent of the population.

Concerning air quality, concentrations of sulfur dioxide are determined at four measurement points, over a 24-hour period, all 365 days. The periods with the highest concentration were measured in January, February, and December at all measurement sites. An analysis of the results obtained in the 2018 assessment for the upper and lower boundaries of human health impact shows that at all stations, the concentration of PM10 exceeded the upper bound of the assessment. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations are lower in all units of measure during 2018 compared to previous years, as are the number of carbon monoxide and ozone overdrafts.

The concentration of sulfur dioxide in 2018 indicates a decrease in coal in Sarajevo Canton, Federal News Agency reports.

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