Reconstruction of Bridge in “City on Nine Rivers” Near Completion

Work on the reconstruction of the bridge in Sanski Most is in the final stage of completion.

Yesterday a layer of asphalt was added to the pavement surface, and the final part of the work is planned to begin soon. The reconstruction of the bridge is near completion, and what is left for contractors to finish is to install railings and lighting, and to decorate the sidewalks and finish the road.

According to the words of the representative of the supervisory authorities, Mirsad Šarića, all the work that has been done until now is of high quality and meets high standards. The Mayor of Sanski Most, Mustafa Avdagić, said that he is satisfied with the work and added that the opening ceremony of the bridge is scheduled for 14 March.

‘’The project is in its final stage. The weather is now ideal, which is the most important. The municipal government is satisfied with the work done until now, and especially with the quality of the work’’, said Mayor Avdagić.

Work on the reconstruction of the bridge began in June of last year, and “Prijedorputevi” conducted the work. The bridge has an expanded structure, and there are two wider lanes and sidewalks. There is also a balcony on one side of the bridge, which can be used by pedestrians.

The value of the project amounts to 1,154,000 KM, and the funds for the project came from the federal budget and the budget of Sanski Most Municipality.

It can be openly said that the reconstructed bridge will be a symbol of pride and will decorate the city (‘’city on nine rivers’’)

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