Reconstruction of three Border Crossings between B&H and Croatia soon

BH Border Crossings Loaded rokaj.baAt the invitation of delegate in the Parliament of B&H, Senad Sepic, a delegation of the Indirect Taxation Authority with their director Miro Dzakula will visit three border crossings between B&H and Croatia tomorrow. The three border crossings that will be visited are not fully functional and the citizens of B&H encounter significant problems while using them, and the visit will signal the clear intention of the ITA to solve this problem.

“I am trying to initiate solving of this issue for a longer period. I requested from the Parliamentary Assembly several times to address the issue of border crossings, and about a month ago, the Council of Ministers of B&H included this issue on the agenda. It was decided that the funds for resolving of this issue will be provided in 2016, “says Sepic.

Economic significance of the realization of these projects is immeasurable for citizens of B&H, and this is particularly important for the region of Krajina, since it will allow much faster, much better and cheaper transfer of passengers and goods.

“The project of reconstruction of the border crossings will represent an immeasurable contribution to our country, especially for the region of Krajina. Krajina is the largest producer of milk in B&H and there are thousands of families who are making their living from it. With the realization of this project, they will finally be able to expand their market, and this will help them a lot. Also, this will contribute to the economic development of the entire region, and it is most certainly the greatest significance of this and similar activities,” said Senad Sepic.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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