Research about the “Burnout syndrome”

At the Faculty of Medicine of the University in Sarajevo, the Department of Pathophysiology is conducting a research about the ”Burnout syndrome” (or the syndrome of feeling exhausted at work). The poll is intended only for student and it is anonymous. The results will indicate the level of tiredness, or the postponed reaction to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressful events. This research is about a particular kind of tension which cannot be endured by the ”resources” or strength that a person has in order to face stressful occasions. This kind of tension and the inability of its endurance results in a feeling of desperation, tiredness, exhaustion and loss of concentration. (Lee and Ashforth,1993.)

The researches behind this interesting project kindly invite all interested students to take a few minutes and fill out the ”Burnout test” that is available on their web site. It is of crucial importance that every students who does fill out this test, shares the information about this research to all other colleagues. The research is completely anonymous and not a single data will be used in an unauthorized way. The results of the research will be presented to the public.

All student interested in participating in the research by doing the ”Burnout test” can find it on this web site: http://istrazivanje.surveydaddy.com/s/burnout-test

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