Residents held a Peaceful Protest and blocked Construction of Highway in BiH

Residents of Sevas Njiva in the municipality of Capljina held a peaceful protest this morning and a two-hour blockade of the construction of the highway on Corridor 5c, reports the BHRT reporter.

About fifty of them point out that they have been asking the Federation ofnBIH Highways for two years to rebuild their damaged local roads, and they also want to connect to the city water supply system in Capljina before the completion of the works.

Each following day, they plan to block the construction for an additional hour until their demands are met.

The basic requirements are water supply from the city water supply and the return of asphalt to its existing condition, as it was before.

โ€œAfter false promises, now two years, usurpation of the terrain and devastation in all sorts of ways, destruction of fruits and vegetables, we have come to a situation where we have to intercept cars. This is not nice when it is not done, we are not against the highway, we are for the highway, but we will not look back at the way they work and their false promises. We are sorry, but it will not go like this anymore. Let them be written, sealed, because we had a public promise from the former director Terzic that the citizens of Sevas njive will be helped. When this highway passes, if we don’t get water now, no one will ever break it again to get it,โ€ says Rusmir Bojcic, a resident of Sevas njiva.

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