Round table Today on Sharing and Innovation: Development of Innovative Resources for the Treatment of Waste and Poor Use of Resources


Care_Share_SarajevoBy: Medina Malagić

At 11:00 today, a round table on the premises of the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo began. The round table will deal with the topics of sharing and innovation. There will be a discussion on how the aspect of sharing can be used for the development of innovative approaches for the treatment of waste or poor use of resources. The lecturers are Sanda Midžić- Kurtović from COOR and KasimTatić from the Faculty of Economics.

The main message of World Environment Day in Sarajevo is ‘‘because we care”. The components are contained in three aspects of ideas about sharing around which all activities are concentrated: Share food, share information, share knowledge. The message reflects the concept of sharing as a universal answer to the global challenges of today and reflects the tradition of BiH and Sarajevo that includes helping fellow citizens, family and neighbors, as well as foreigners, with the greatest care and to share their meals with those who need it.

This round table on sharing and innovation is being held as part of the component ‘Share Knowledge’, given that sharing knowledge can be used as the basis for the development of innovative approaches for treating problems of food waste or an inefficient use of resources.

Sonja Maličević, the partner event manager for the round table today on sharing and innovation, said that this is the second day of the manifestation to mark World Environment Day, which will gather primarily students who will have the opportunity to hear more about this issue, what is food waste and what are the current innovations in the efforts to reduce waste.

According to Sonja, the level of awareness on food waste and the impact of footprints are not at a high level in BiH. “At the level of BiH, and at the local level, there is not much awareness on this issue. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is ‘’Think.Eat.Save”, and the point is to reduce foot printing. We do not use it in the right way and we waste important resources. However, what we want to focus on is the fact that BiH is not really like this. We want to focus on a tradition this tradition in BiH of sharing, and the entire slogan of this event is ‘Because we care: We share’. Unfortunately, maybe this is changing in BiH now due to modernization and other trends, but this is not our worth. We have to return to our worth, what we have had for a long time’’.

Organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), government of BIH and many local partners and sponsors, World Environment Day will be marked in Sarajevo from 3-5 June through a series of activities as the host of the celebrations for the region of Europe.

Every year on 5 June, people throughout the world celebrate World Environment Day. Hundreds of thousands of aimed to improve the environment and provide a better future for the planet takes place in almost every country throughout the world. This year, Sarajevo has been chosen as the host to mark World Environment Day for Europe.

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